In 1957 John Verschoof opened Superior Typesetting Services in Kalamazoo. Due to his acute attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for customers, STS became the local source for expertise in hot metal type.

With the advent of desktop publishing a number of years later, the need for skilled typesetting shifted and changed. Superior Typesetting transitioned into this computer-driven arena by producing RC prints and negatives, but also used its many years of experience to help clients produce typographically correct pieces. This transition in the business precipitated the changing of our name to Superior Imaging Services, Inc. As technology continued to rapidly advance, and customers sought new and different services, SIS continued to adapt to meet the needs of those involved in desktop publishing.

In 1995, Paul Verschoof took over for his father, John, and has been leading the company in the same values and traditions.

In May of 2012, Superior Imaging Services, Inc. purchased The Printmill, Inc. Combining The Printmill's nearly thirty years of offset printing experience with SIS's expertise in the digital and wide arenas brought the best of both companies together to create Superior Imaging Printmill. In 2015, we began doing business as Printmilll.

Throughout the years, despite many changes, our foundational priorities have remained the same: honesty and integrity, attention to detail, and personal, friendly, knowledgeable service. We believe these priorities are the reason we have customers today who have been with us from our inception. Our hope is that you too will find Printmill to be a source of value and benefit. We look forward to working with you!