100% Hemp Fiber Business Cards


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TINY e PAPER business cards are not like any other card you’ve had. These cards are 100% pure Hemp, and that means they feel, look, and act differently than the tree paper you’re used to. You will feel some of the grains in the paper because we used larger grains for this version to make it obvious it is hemp. We think being different is cool. AND, we do not use harsh bleaches or chemicals to whiten our hemp paper, so it won’t be stark white, but rather an off-white or more natural color.

An important note! Because the cards you’re about to order are the 1st rolls produced by TINY e PAPER (which means you’re a part of history!), this paper is not as ‘perfect’ as it will be, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day either so we are OK with this. Unfortunately, we are only able to produce 2 color cards at this time (shades of the same color count as 1 color as long as they can be achieved from the same Pantone color. For example dark grey and light grey are both lighter versions of black and count as 1 color. If you are unsure how many colors your design uses, please contact us), but all future cards will be able to be printed in full color. We gotta start somewhere!

Cards can be ordered in either square as pictured (2.25” x 2.25”) or standard business card size (3.5” x 2”) with front only art or front and back.


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